About Linda....

Owner of oxygen and iron personal training studio, is a 30+ year veteran in the fitness industry.  she is a certified personal trainer through nsca, one of the country's leading personal training organizations.  Linda has helped hundreds of clients attain their fitness goals by pushing them to their highest potential in a fun, safe, and positive environment.  Her passion and dedication to helping others is why she constantly challenges herself to stay abreast of the current health and fitness studies.

linda realizes some clients prefer a group setting. Her metabolic group training classes provide clients with that supportive group atmosphere , while allowing her to provide the knowledge and skills of a personal trainer.

Linda is also a certified tennis pro, kettle bells and youth fitness specialist and designs  other sports specific training programs. She believes that in order to get your desired results you must make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle.  

isn't it time you feel better, move better, look better or perform better? 

Linda alexander


Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA